Our Name

The name Alternatives was chosen to highlight that, for those facing pregnancy-related challenges, we exist to provide alternatives. We provide an alternative to suffering alone; we provide an alternative to long or non-existent waiting lists for statutory counselling; we discuss the alternative options that are available to those facing a pregnancy-related crisis; and we provide alternatives to unaffordable maternity and baby items.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to offer life-changing emotional and practical support for anyone facing pregnancy-related challenges.

We fulfil our mission through the following day-to-day activities (please click on the headings below for further details and information about referrals):

Emotional Support:

Counselling for those facing any of the following challenges:

We have no lower or upper age limit for counselling. In practice, we support people from the age of puberty and upwards.

Practical Support:

  • Baby Boxes provide essential items for new-born babies arriving into families of limited financial means.

  • Pregnancy Testing

  • Our Shop provides affordable maternity and baby clothing equipment and items

Our Principles

  • We serve people regardless of race, colour or creed

  • We uphold freedom of choice

  • We are non-judgemental

  • We are confidential, trustworthy and professional

  • We are unconditionally supportive of those using our services

The principles of Alternatives reflect core elements of the Christian faith – the faith from which the charity was birthed. These values are shared by our staff and volunteers – Christian and otherwise. However, for clarity, we are not a member of a Christian denomination, nor affiliated to any political organisation, nor engaged with the ‘pro life’ or ‘pro choice’ debates.